Yvonne McKeown (Bariatric Nurse)


A highly experienced and versatile nurse since 2000 with experience in a variety of settings and specialties. Following graduation, an exciting and varied career began in cardiac and intensive care nursing. After 10 years, a speciality transition to obesity and bariatric nursing was made, where skills in management, systems improvement, idea initiating, and business scoping were developed. These skills, plus the added benefit of being a non-medical prescriber facilitated an excellent grounding to becoming a valuable member of the diabetes specialist and clinical lead team. 


Passionate about providing comprehensive and effective care to her patients, being a strong advocate for patients and their families is also highly important. A long and full career has lent itself well to developing many skills and qualities such as objectiveness, empathy, excellent communication, working under extreme pressure, attention to detail and effective and swift decision-making. 




Screening Report • Liability Report

Ages Covered:

Adults 25 + • Young Adults 18-25


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