Gregory Davies (Physiotherapist)


Greg Davies currently works within the community as a first contact physiotherapist and rehabilitation specialist. Greg has many years experience providing high-level rehabilitation programmes, advising patients on home equipment and mobility aids that can help them with their present and future care needs.

Having worked in the care home setting with people having complex long-term conditions, he has given assessment and treatments to provide mobility aids and equipment that can help them lead the best life possible.

Greg has worked predominantly in orthopaedics and complex musculoskeletal physiotherapy, where he has, and continues to, assess and manage people with complex multiple injuries from road traffic accidents, complex spinal presentations and cauda equina syndrome. He provides these patients with rehabilitation programmes and advises them on the necessary home and mobility equipment they need for their current and future care requirements.



Liability Reports, Quantum, Screening Reports

Ages Covered:

Adults 25+ Young Adults 18-25


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